Why was my account blocked?

We always seek friendly solutions and warn members beforehand, but there are situations when we have to block members’ accounts temporarily or permanently. This happens when members ignore our Terms and Conditions, Catalogue Rules or Forum Rules.

You may be temporarily blocked for:

  • Offensive behaviour towards members, our team or spamming on our forums
  • Selling counterfeit items, i.e. fakes and/or unauthorized replicas of original products
  • Promoting sell outside the Vinted payment system
  • Selling items that are intended to be sold for commercial purposes

Your account will be unblocked automatically after 7-14 days. We can not unblock it earlier, except if you prove we’ve blocked it by mistake. You'll see the block end date indicated on the screen when you log in to Vinted.

We permanently block members who:

  • Commit fraud or scam other members
  • Have multiple accounts
  • Repeatedly behave in a way that would otherwise cause them to be temporarily blocked
  • Repeatedly sell counterfeit items, i.e. fakes and unauthorized replicas of original products
  • Do not respond to our team’s messages about resolving an issue with an order
  • Sell items that are intended to be sold for commercial purposes

​​If you're blocked permanently and you have any earnings in your Vinted Balance, you can make a money transfer to your bank account.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Vinted account; you’ll be directed to your inbox
  2. Go to your Vinted Balance under your profile and make a payout
In certain cases, you won’t be able to log in to your Vinted account while you are blocked. If this happens, please let us know about it press the Contact us button below this text and send us a message.
Good to know
  • You can inform your buyers about their parcels, confirm your sellers having received their items even when your account is blocked. Also, you can contact us to find out when/whether your account will be unblocked you can do all this after logging in to Vinted.

Contact us